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All Profiles here is Copyrighted ""by Todd Comeau

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Todd Comeau

A talented and enthusiastic digital artist specializing in WWI aviation artwork. His profiles have recently appeared in Over The Front and Cross & Cockard, International.  Todd has been drawing since the age of five and continues today by means of his computer. Since Todd has a full time job for an marine claims division of a major insurance company, he has shown us his talent and dedication with limited time. Thanks Todd for all you hard work and we all look forward in you next project.

Todd Comeau's website: Todd has stopped for now but lets hope his talent will return

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Fokker Dr.I 204/17

Jasta Boelke, Spring, 1918

Paul Baumer

Fokker Dr.I 489/17

Jasta 14, Summer, 1918

Fokker Dr.I 454/17

Jasta 11, Spring, 1918

Lothar Von Richthofen

Fokker Dr.I (Unknown)

Jasta 12, Spring, 1918

Hermann Becker

Fokker Dr.I (Unknown)

Jasta 12, Spring, 1918

Ulrich Neckel

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Fokker Dr.I 404/17

Jasta 12, Early, 1918

Adolf Ritter Von Tutsceck

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Fokker Dr.I 152/17

Jasta 11, Early, 1918

Manfred Von Richthofen

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Fokker Dr.I 425/17

Jasta 11, April, 1918

Manfred Von Richthofen

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Fokker F.I 103/17

Jasta 10, Sept., 1917

Werner Voss

Fokker F.I 103/17

Jasta 10, Sept., 1917

Werner Voss




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