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Fokker Dr.I Unidentified

Can You Identify Any Of The Unidentified Dr.I's 

If you have any information on these photos please email me (located on the bottom of each page)

If you have any unidentified Dr.I's photos please let me know and I will post it for you to find It's identity. 

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Need any Information.

DR1_Unknown400-500.jpg (40464 bytes) Need any Information.
Dr1_un2.jpg (9419 bytes) Jasta 12, Vzfw Ulrich Nieckel Dr.I 404/17 in the background. (right side) and The Dr.I  to the left is Oblt Paul Blumenbach's Dr.I  217/17. Please note( Dr.I  in foreground) the iron cross on the tail and the new Balken cross on the fuselage. Photo take around March/April 1918. 
Dr1_un3.jpg (18187 bytes) Possibly from Jasta 36
Dr1_un4.jpg (32644 bytes) Need any Information.
Dr1_un5.jpg (5406 bytes) Need any Information.
Dr1_un6.jpg (34523 bytes) Need any Information. This has been reported as a fake and believed to be a model.

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