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Fokker Dr.I 475/17

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Production Number

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Engine Type

Horse Power

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Date Ordered

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Date Dispatched

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Test Pilot

Jasta Unit

Pilot Assigned

Dr.I 475/17




November 1917

October 30, 1917

December 12,1917



Jasta 14

Ltn. Emmerich Honig

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Other Jasta Units

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Other known Pilot #2

Other known Pilot #3

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Known Pilot

Pilots Fate

Incident Report Document No.

Other Information and Documents  




Stalled on take off and crashed

June 14, 1918

Phalempin Aerodrome


Ltn. Emmerich Honig




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On June 4 1918 Fokker Dr.I  475/17 at Jasta 14 (Phalempin Aerodrome) with Ltn. Emmerich Honig, KIC. 

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