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Fokker Dr.I 450/17

Production Number

Work Number



Horse Power

Engine Number









Test Pilot



Pilot Assigned

Dr.I 450/17 2175

Oberursel UR II

110 hp.


November, 1917

January 22, 1918

January 10, 1918

  Schutzemeister Jasta 7 Ltn. Josef Jacobs (48)

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Other Jasta Units

Date of Unit Transferred


 known Pilot #2

Other known Pilot #3

Fate of


Fate Date



Known Pilot

Pilots Fate

Incident Report Document No.

Other Information and Documents  

        Crashed October 3, 1918 Jasta 7 airfield at Ste. Marguerite   Ltn. Josef Jacobs (48) OK   Engine refitted with a Clerget from a captured Camel, Crashed at Jasta 7 airfield at Ste. Marguerite
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A newly delivered Fokker Dr.I 450/17 at Jasta 7 already with the Clerget 9B  mounted.
(Photo from Greg VanWyngarden)
A rear view Fokker Dr.I 450/17 after being delivared.
(Photo from Greg VanWyngarden)
  Pilots of Jasta 7 with Ltn. Josef Jacobs in from of the cowling. Plane is not confirmed but  vary well could be his 450/17 or 470/17 
Flight line of Jasta 7 with D.VII's and Jacob's Fokker Dr.I 450/17 is 2nd from the left
(Photo from Greg VanWyngarden)
Flight line of Jasta 7 with Dr.I 450/17 2ed from the left, all black
(Photo from Andy Parks)
  Fokker Dr.I 450/17 now painted with the God of the North Wing on the fuselage.
(Photo from Dave Watts)
A closer view and adjusted to bring out the detail of the North God
Profile by Bob Person of Fokker Dr.I 450/17
  Artwork "God of the North Wind" by Russell Smith
  Two of Jacob's Pour le Mérite, one is with crown and the other is wear, a copy so the pilots can wear it during flight to keep the original for dress
(Photo Russell Smith)

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