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Fokker Dr1 425/17

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Unit Pilots


Dr1 425/17


April, 21 1917

Jsata 11 M. Von Richthofen

Crashed KIA

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Dr1-425-17_02.jpg (46043 bytes) Dr1 425/17 This Photo is labeled as 425/17 but many people are in disagreement.
Dr1_425_17.jpg (75854 bytes) Dr1 425/17
richth_dog.jpg (37482 bytes) This photo is sometime labeled a MVR's last photo. Please note the cross on the Dr1 in the back ground. This photo I believe was taken between January and March. The Dr1 in the background has not been identified
Dr1_425 guns.jpg (52218 bytes) Dr1 425/17 Gun's being examined by the British troops after the crashed.

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