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Fokker Dr.I 404/17

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Dr.I 404/17


Oberursel UR II



November, 1917

January 10, 1918



Jasta 12

Vfw. Hptm. Adolf Ritter von Tutschek (27)

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March 15, 1918



Hptm. Adolf Ritter von Tutschek (27)



ACrashed landed after control cables shot out by a SE5a of 209 squadron-Cpt. O.c. LeBoutiller

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Soon after the formation of JG II, a mechanic stands ready to swing the prop on Adolf von Tutschek's DrI 404/17  Toulis. Another crewman prepares to hold down the tail as the engine starts, while von Tutschek's chief mechanic Uffz Balzer stands by the cockpit. At this time the Jasta 12 unit marking of a white cowling has been effected, but the black tail colouration has been applied only to the tailplane and rear fuselage, All cross-fields and the rudder remain white in this photograph, but later they would be reduced with black paint to produce the regulation white border around the crosses. Note the leader's streamer trailing from the lower wing and the works number 1988 on both interplane struts. A Morell airspeed indicator is mounted on the port strut. Just visible is the white cloth von Tutschek used for wiping his goggles, tucked under his shoulder harness.
("Jagdgeschwader Nr II" by Greg Van Wyngarden, Pg.17, Aviation Elite Units 19, Osprey)  
(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)

Preparing Haumptmann von Tutschek's 404/17 for flight. The mechanic standing on the right-hand wheel, apparently checking the oil tank filler cap for security, is Unteroffizier Balzer. Being in charge of the Kommandeur's aeroplane, he is also no doubt keeping an eye on the mechanics in the cockpit who, having lifted the Kastendeckel (breach cover) of the right-hand gun to gain access to its bolt mechanism, is obviously from the Waffenmeisterei. The internal moving parts of the LMG 08/15 required frequent lubrication, but the grease and oil for ground weapons had little application in aerial use and a special oil with low freezing point (MG Oel 16) was used.  ("The Fokker Triplane" by Alex Imrie pg.60, Image # 84, Arms And Armour)

(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)

Fokker Dr.I 404/17 with it's engine running before flight. In this photo you can now see the flar shell holder on the side of the cockpit.  Fokker Dr.I in the back ground is Vzfw. Ulrich Neckel but the production is unknown.

(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)

A front view of Fokker Dr.I 404/17
(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)
A rare photo of an Fokker Dr.I taking off from the Jasta 12 aerodrome at Toulis. This is Fokker Dr.I 404/17.
(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)

Fokker Dr.I 404/17 at the Toulis Jasta 12 aerodrome. The leader streamer can be seen on the lower strut.
(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)
Three Dr.I's at Toulis fro (Rt-Lt) Dr.I 436 17 WN 2061 pilot Ltn. Fritz Paul Hoffman, Dr.I 217 17 WN 1936 pilot Obltn.Paul Blumenbach, Dr.I Dr.I 404 WN 1988 von Tutschek
(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)
A captured Spad S.XIII B6732 flown by Lt. Doyle's from 23 Squadron shot down by Tutschek on 26 February 1918. Tutschek's 404/17 can bee seen next to it.
(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)
An nice aerial view of Jasta 12 at Toulis.  Tutschek's 404/17 can be seen top\middle facing you.
(Photo from the Peter Grosz collection)
There are many profiles of 404/17 but this one is more accurate. It is missing the anemometer on the let top strut but what is over looked by everyone else is the black stripe around the cowling. I have seen this on a lot of the Jasta 12 Dr.I's so I think it maybe a unit marking also over looked on the other planes.
(Profile by Tim West)

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