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Fokker Dr.I 195/17

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Test Pilot



Pilot Assigned

Dr.I 195/17 1913 Oberursel UR II (Rh) by Rhemag

120 hp.

September 1917 December 7, 1917 December 14, 1917 Jasta Boelcke Ltn.d.R. Hermann Vallendor (6)

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Other Jasta Units

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 known Pilot #2

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Known Pilot

Pilots Fate

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Fokker Dr.I 195/17 of Jasta Boelcke (Jasta 2),  between March 17, 1918 – April 10, 1918. Ltn.d.R. Hermann Vallendor with his marking of the V on the the sides and top of the fuselage and top wing
(Photo from Peter M. Grosz Collection)
Another view Fokker Dr.I 195/17 taken on the same day.
(Need a higher resolution photo)
Flight line of Fokker Dr.I 195/17 of Jasta Boelcke before March 17 with the Eisernes Kreuz. 195/17 is the first Dr.I from the right along with Ltn.d.R Richard Plange's 203/17, Ltn.d.R. Otto Löffler's 190/17 and Vfw. Paul Bäumer's 204/17
(Photo from Peter M. Grosz Collection)
Flight line of Jasta Boelcke between April 10 - May 15, 1918starting on the far left is Ltn.d.R. Otto Löffler's 190/17, Ltn.d.R. Hermann Vallendor's 195/17 and far right in unknown production number of Ltn Hermann Frommherz
(Photo from Peter M. Grosz Collection)
Profile of Fokker Dr.I 195/17 by Stefan Bastek,  because of the thick style Balkenkreuz  this would be been between March 17, 1918 – April 10, 1918, not in May as indicated on the profile.

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